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质量保证不仅仅包括测试. There are also organizational and project-specific procedures and policies that ensure the delivery of the top-notch product. 这种程序的例子可以包括演示会议, unit testing requirements, 以及持续集成框架.

QA is important to the successful delivery of any software but becomes critical in medium and large-scale software. Here’s why:

  • 开发人员不能像测试人员那样检查他们的工作. Firstly, the QA specialist views the code with a fresh eye and can spot problems that the programmer didn’t. Secondly, a tester is motivated to try and break the software so that all issues are found.
  • 测试人员的时薪比开发人员的时薪低. 让程序员做质量保证是不划算的.

QA can be bought as part of full-cycle software development or as a separate service. In the first case, the tester(s) are integrated into the production and check the work as it goes. 在第二种情况下,他们测试客户发送给他们的代码.

When Do You Need Third-Party QA?

If you want to hire a software development company to build a new application, QA will be included — no self-respecting vendor would risk their reputation by handing over untested work.


  • 你缺乏必要的能力. For example, if you don’t have people who can write automatic tests but need to check whether your application will hold under heavy load, you should hire an outside team.
  • 你需要缩短上市时间. If you are a startup and want to launch your product ASAP you might lack the time to pick and recruit your own QA team. 像正规靠谱赌博软件这样的供应商两周左右就能做好.
  • You want to save money. A third-party developer could offer you lower rates than your original custom software vendor or having employees in-house.

Manual Testing

Sometimes disparagingly called “monkey testing” this is still the most popular form of ensuring that the software is reliable and works as intended.


  • Functional test. 确保软件做它应该做的事情.
  • GUI test. Checking all the elements of the interface to see if they work as they should.
  • Smoke test. 快速检查最重要的功能.
  • Integration test. Ensuring that the different modules of a program work fine when connected.


  • A more thorough check. During manual testing, the QA specialist will not only follow the common workflow but will also interact with the software in many unintended ways. 自动化不能覆盖所有可能的场景.
  • Better user experience. A human tester can compare the visuals and interactions of the app with the customer’s requirements and point out UI/UX mistakes (e.g. 不符合逻辑的工作流程或视觉上的不匹配).
  • Flexibility. 手工测试对于小型和大型项目都是可行的. In addition, 手动QA工程师可以快速适应需求变化, 重写自动化脚本需要更多的时间.


Automated Testing

There is work that a human can’t do (or can’t do in a reasonable amount of time). That’s when automation comes in. Automated testing employs special tools to make QA faster, cheaper, and more extensive.


  • Load and performance test. Simulating thousands of users interacting with the software to make sure it can handle the real-life demands. This is impossible to do manually.
  • Data-driven test. Checking whether a function of your software can work well with lots of different inputs (search feature can be tested this way, for example).
  • Regression test. Seeing whether the recent changes have adversely affected the software.
  • Repetitive tests. If a test needs to be run over and over again, it is best to automate it.


  • New abilities. 除非你雇了一千只猴子来登录系统, 没有任何方法可以取代负载测试的自动化.
  • Reduced long-term costs. An automated testing system can do the work of several human engineers. 根据Oracle的研究,这可以导致 about 24% reduced costs.
  • Decreased testing time. 自动化测试以最少的人力输入运行. They can be done.

Automated testing is better suited for bigger projects and the ones that are expected to perform well under high load.

Quality Standards

In programming, quality means that the application fulfills all its requirements whatever they might be. So the quality standards here are either best practices that help release good products or guidelines for specific aspects of the programs (e.g. data security).

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a part of the ISO 9000 standards family that recommends This standard has been around since 1987 but experienced regular updates. 最新版本已于2015年发布.

This standard contains a set of requirements for a quality management system. Adopting ISO 9001 means the company provides goods and services that fit the legal and customer demands and can prove it.

Flowchart showing ISO 9001 compliant testing process and containing a set of requirements for a quality management system.
Testing Process Flowchart, QA

The subset of ISO 9001 applied to software is called ISO/IEC/IEEE 90003:2018. It includes the specific documents needed to comply with the standard (e.g. test plans and bug reports) as well as rules for running software development and testing it.

Note that ISO certification is optional — the company can adopt the standard without verification from a third-party organization.


The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit organization that focuses on cybersecurity. 它组织活动、创建工具和设定标准.

当谈到OWASP标准时,人们通常指的是 应用安全验证标准 (ASVS)由组织发布. The latest version (4.0) has been released in March 2019 and incorporates specific steps to make sure your software is protected from internal and external threats.

Chart showing three levels to ASVS. Levels 1-2 apply to any application, level 3 is for software of critical importance.

There are three levels to ASVS. 级别1和级别2适用于任何应用程序, 而3级(最高级别)对于军事来说是合理的, medical, 以及其他至关重要的软件.


质量保证是任何开发过程中不可分割的一部分. 你是否需要有人来检查你的ERP系统是否可以处理负载, your LMS is convenient to use, or your EHR is secure enough, hit us up. Or check out the full range of our QA services first.

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